Our Approach

To us medicine is more than just delivering excellent care. Its an opportunity to create an experience for you. From when you step in the door to when you walk out, we want you to feel supported.

Our team consists of personable, loving, and and caring individuals. Every person brings experience, energy, and a passion for the work. Feel free to request help from any of our team members and stop in.

Committed to Keeping Texas Healthy

We utilize the latest advances in Medicine and Healthcare technology. We may call to inquire about your experience a few days later. We always appreciate your feedback, which helps us to improve and provide you with even better service in the future. We are committed to you for the long-run. Our team, headed by a Medical Director with over 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry, is more than qualified to assist you with your needs.

Patient Testimonials

“My 13 year old is rarely sick and doesn’t really have a PCP and he’s always gone to Hillsboro for his sports physicals and shots. Well, a couple of weeks ago, he wound up getting sick and I didn’t want to drive to Hillsboro, so I took him here and I’m so happy I did. The staff is so nice, made us feel very welcomed and comfortable and the place looks amazing. Prompt service as well. Will definitely be back if the need arises. Also, being that it’s an urgent care, it is $10 more for my copay BUT, it is totally worth it! He will also start going here for his sports physical!” -Michele Austin

“I went to the Urgent Care on Saturday night feeling really bad. Was treated for a kidney infection (antibiotic injection) and by Sunday night I was almost 100% improved. The nurse, PA and staff were all very caring and professional. Would recommend to all my friends and family and will certainly use them again when needed.” – Denice Lawson

“We were seen quickly & the staff was so incredibly friendly!! They went out of their way to make sure my sick baby was happy and having a good experience! They even gave her a stuffed dog!
Will definitely be recommending them to everyone!” – Heather Halbert